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Tirna's Mick Mullagh at CWTA NFC 2013

Tirna Partner's Mick Mullagh gave the closing keynote address at this year's NFC Payments 2013, held in downtown Toronto on March 20th.

Mick, a leading expert in wireless payment technology, spoke on the state of the NFC payments industry in Canada and the United States. Based on his research, Mick predicted significant transactions in the order of billions of dollars will be made via mobile payments this year.

Mick also provided the industry experts and attendees to the conference with an in-depth scorecard on the potential winners and losers in NFC payments as the industry moves forward over the next few years.

Mick also congratulated the Canadian industry groups on the high level of cooperation demonstrated in developing new standards needed to ensure seamless inter-operablity and move Canadian NFC payments capability forward.


Date: 22/03/2013 16:32:57
Author: Mike Campbell

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