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Tirna at MWC 2014

Brian Barry and Vu Nguyen from Tirna Partners recently attended Moblie World Congress in Barcelona, February 24th - 27th this year.  In addition to meeting with current and prospective clients, Brian and Vu had a chance to take in the show.

While there. the team uncovered the two main themes.

"How to create efficiencies and drive productivity through applications", increasingly a key with "C" Level Executives in Carrier organization globelly.

The other main theme was "how can we develop closer relationships to our customers?"

For companies with products, applications and services shown at the show in both these segments, they amply demonstrated that solutions are on the way and that there are good times ahead!

Tirna Partners had a very successful show with contracts won for its clients.

We're already planning on attending MWC 2015! "

Date: 09/03/2014 18:03:05
Tags: blog, mwc, Tirna
Author: Mike Campbell